SwissCos Guarantee


Swisscos is the Swiss association that protects the origin of Swiss cosmetics. Indeed, in the cosmetic industry, “made in Switzerland” has become a world-wide recognized label and, thus, a counterfeited one.

Swisscos has been created with the aim to protect and ensure the authenticity of the Swiss origin of cosmetic products. Under the name of the ASSOCIATION FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE ORIGIN OF SWISS COSMETICS (SWISSCOS), a label (SWISS GUARANTEE COS) is used on packaging, in advertising and on members’ promotional material. The Swisscos label is a guarantee for the customers that the cosmetic products they purchase are indeed made in Switzerland.

Strict conditions are issued by the Swiss Department of Trade in order to be attributed the “Certificate of Origin” needed to obtain the Swisscos label.

The Swisscos Association has the right to sue to court any company that uses in an unlawful manner the reference “Switzerland”, “Swiss Cosmetics” or “made in Switzerland cosmetics”.

The Swisscos label on the Jouvence Eternelle products by Jouvence Eternelle Laboratories certifies that they are entirely developed and produced in Switzerland.


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