Jouvence Eternelle


Jouvence Eternelle is the first line of defense in your quest to look and feel forever young. Our brand is not just a statement, but a promise to provide women all over the world with revolutionary beauty products for timeless, young skin.
From the shores of the Swiss Lake Geneva, Jouvence Eternelle has developed a range of exceptional skincare treatments based on cutting edge bio chemistry and the exclusive rejuvenating complex of the alpine flowers.
By collaborating with the best Swiss beauty researchers and cosmetologists, Jouvence Eternelle has developed anti-aging products that deliver measurable results.


Conceived for the demanding women of today, the luxurious skincare products of Jouvence Eternelle are based on the incredible anti-aging properties of the Alpine Rose. This flower lives at very high altitudes, has adapted to cold, dryness and UV rays and can therefore resist harsh environmental conditions. The stem cells are obtained via PhytoCellTecTM technology and incorporated into Jouvence Eternelle skincare treatments to bring all the flower’s protective agents to your skin.

Jouvence Eternelle products combine the most precious treasures of the Swiss Alps with other luscious ingredients such as Green Caviar alga and diamond powder. The result? A surpassing expectations regimen that rejuvenates the skin every day.

Developed in Switzerland, our products benefit from a deep tradition of cosmetic and health treatments in the Swiss Alps. By collaborating for over 40 years with Swiss skincare experts, our in-house scientists are at the forefront of cosmetic research.

Jouvence Eternelle brings you timeless youth and timeless beauty.


Jouvence Eternelle Skincare Lines are developed in our laboratories in Switzerland with the best ingredients and the most cutting-edge technology. From the revolutionary active complex PhytoCellTecTM Alp Rose, Jouvence Eternelle has created 4 exclusive luxurious skincare Lines: Alpine Cellular, Alpine Gold, Alpine Caviar and Alpine Gem Elixir.

All of our products are paraben-free.

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